ZF2100 Glasses 3D RF Inc Emitter


Developed in parallel with our “Full 3D” projectors, the ZF2100 system is optimised to provide higher contrast & brighter images than ever before, while eliminating tedious issues with emitter placement, limited range and potential interference commonly experienced when using Infra-red.

Fully rechargeable, our ZF2100 glasses give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing both installing and using them will be hassle free.

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Operating Frequencies 96/100/120/144Hz (44/50/60/72Hz per eye)
Operating Temperature 0'C - 40'C
Dimensions 170 x 168 x 40 (mm)
Weight 39g
Battery Rechargeable Lithium Polymer - Up to 15 Hours use
Range Up to 40m (Dependent on environment)
Storage Conditions ≤90% Humidity
Display Requirements Projector / Display must have a “3D Sync” connector (VESA DIN3)
In the box Soft Carry Case, Cleaning Cloth, 2x Nose Piece, USB Charging cable, 3D Emitter, 3D-Sync cable