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Product reviews for GT1080e

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Existing reviews
Verified Review
Simply outstanding!
Let me begin by saying if you know me, then you already know how amazing this projector really is, and for those that don't let me just say that I have nothing but positive feedback to give about this amazing piece of kit!
Okay where to begin;

Since the purchase of the Optoma 1080 about 12 months ago we have not been to the cinema once in this time, and that is simply due to the fact that this truly brings the cinema home. Coupled with a sound system and the largest screen Optoma can provide, this is definitely an experience everyone can afford for the same price as one of today's smart TVs at less than half the size.

With outstanding vivid colours, an excellent contrast ratio and fantastic pixel perfect detail, this is one of the best purchases I feel I have ever made. The image quality is especially realised when watching something as captivating as the planet earth series on blu ray, where you can see every hair, feather, fish scale, leaf and microscopic detail which you would just not see on a standard screen, it seemlessly brings the rainforests and oceans of the natural world directly into your living room.

Not only is the projector great at the above mentioned, but it also takes gaming to the next level. Not only are you fully immersed in the game with there being a 100" full hd image straight in front of you, but the response times and refresh rate of the image is fantastic with you never missing a detail no matter if it's a high speed racer, fast paced shooter or even with low light level games such as zombie survivals.

With this being one of Optomas short throw models, our projector only sits approximately 1 meter away from our screen meaning the rest of the room is still free for use without disruption, and the fact that there is a hdmi interface means there is simply one cable that connects the projector to every other device in our living room so there is not a huge mass of cables trailing to and from the unit itself.

The user interface of the projector is also another mentionable highlight as it's user friendliness is excellent with a single menu with all the settings conveniently placed at your fingertips, and even with minimal knowledge it's very easy to understand - and don't worry if you're trying to adjust anything in the dark, Optoma has a solution for this too with the backlit remote control, again the layout is perfect with everything where you need it and once it's lit up in the gadget blue we're all familiar with it's hard to miss the button you need.

Other great little feature of this projector is the adjustable front leg, this means if your screen pulls down to a level where it is either slightly too high or low you can simply use this to adjust the projection height. The fan is also very quiet while in use, not noticeable at all while watching films or gaming at a reasonable volume.

All in all I cannot fault the Optoma hd 1080 short throw gaming projector, it scores 10/10 in every aspect, even after 12 months of daily use.

I would definitely (and have) recommend this projector to anyone looking for a true immersive cinematic experience not just for films, but for gaming too - we now even use the Optoma to watch our everyday programs as it has changed the way we think about television.
From: Adam Howarth | Date: 30/12/2017 10:44