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Product reviews for BE6i Gold

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Existing reviews
The best I have EVER had
These are the best wireless earbuds, hands down, on the market..

Dynamic range, battery life, range....these have it all.

From: Craig Warren | Date: 21/06/2016 19:57
Verified Review
Brilliant wireless earphones
I bought these to use in the gym and for my daily commute.  I love them! Really easy to pair with the mobile and the battery life lasts for ages.  I also paired with my iPad to watch movies and the sound quality is great!

Awesome set. Would recommend.

From: Rob Baker | Date: 08/09/2016 12:54
Verified Review
Stylish looking headphones
These looked perfect for my needs, no dangling cables to my device, not too big and cumbersome, great battery life and easy to charge off a micro USB, which there's always one lying around, and to top it off they sound great too.
From: Andy Talbot | Date: 04/11/2016 12:52
Verified Review
Great Headphones
Having recently received my BE6i nuForce headphones I was immediately impressed by the quality and design of the packaging, something that is mirrored in the design of the product itself.
The sheer volume of different sized earbuds ensure a quality and comfortable fit.
They are beautiful in their simplistic design and benefit from some lovely touches. I especially love the magnets that ensure you can safely secure them around your neck when they are not in use.
Their lightweight feel mean they are great for use at the gym (and the lack of lead has allayed my fears of knocking my phone off the treadmill whilst running) but are equally great to use when I'm watching Netflix on the sofa and don't want to disrupt anyone else from watching the telly! The lightweight feel has not caused any loss of sound quality, which has really impressed me from the outset.
From: Stuart Murray | Date: 08/11/2016 20:55
Verified Review
great for working out
Wanted headphones that could carry enough bass and volume to drown out the gym speakers. These do it very well. Using the ear wings they stay in during my whole workout, even handstands. The bluetooth is stronger than any headphones i have used before. i can leave my phone in the corner of the gym and just wander around with no loss of connection at all. Sound quality is excellent. I do find tho on longer usage that they feel a little uncomfortable. i have small ears canals and have to use the smallest buds. would like to use the self moulding buds but they wont stay in properly. Overall i am very pleased with them.
From: Mark Tutt | Date: 10/11/2016 07:35
Verified Review
I've tried out various earphones,  and have never found the perfect ones, until now!! The sound and quality are absolutely fantastic - watching movies and listening to music has never been so good, they are so light and look incredible too!! 10/10
From: D.Sm | Date: 11/11/2016 13:27
Verified Review
Optoma NuForce wireless Bluetooth BE6i earphones
First of all I should say I won these headphones in a competition for a well known gadget magazine. However, I am very glad to have received them, because they are of excellent quality! I've gone running 4 times with them now, worn them while using the computer, and walking.

- Sound quality is good. Big, bassy sound that doesn't sound tinny. Can really hear the difference in quality between CD ripped music and low quality Mp3s
- They charge fairly quickly, and give you 7-8 hours play, depending on how often you turn them off and on
- They are lightweight, and easy to wear around your neck when not using thanks to the magnetic connection
- Can connect with multiple devices at once! Basically can switch between computer and phone without setting up again

- a little uncomfortable after a while
- take some time to adjust for running. They feel out once or twice on the first jog, but seem ok now most of the time
- The cord round the neck is a bit of a faff, and annoys me sometimes
- Battery sometimes goes quickly if i use them and turn them on/off frequently.

Overall, a good product, and certainly an option to try if you want bluetooth earbuds for running
From: Nathan Rodgers | Date: 24/11/2016 19:19
Verified Review
BE6i Superior Sounding Wireless earphones - excell
I can really see (and hear!) why these are award-winning headphones, The sound is incredible,  crystal-clear sound without a doubt in a beautiful design perfect for many situations.

As a fitness fanatic and dance lover these earphones provide the opportunity to be wire free which is a life changer and don't think (actually I know) I will ever go back to being tangled, yanked and overall held back by wires!

I cannot recommend more!
From: Tammy Tudor | Date: 21/06/2017 19:58
Verified Review
Very pleased with this product. Style, sound and price is brilliant.
From: Abi | Date: 07/02/2018 11:28